Building Your Own Band Challenge Workouts

It can be difficult, when training with a variable band resistance, to effectively measure your training progress as it relates to strength gains or improved metabolic fitness. To help RBT users and Band Gym members better measure their training progress I created 2 RBT challenge workouts formats that can easily be implemented into a band training program. The following video series takes you through 2 ways to set up RBT Challenge Workouts that you can strategically repeat as a way to quantify your strength and metabolic fitness levels.

Simple RBT Rep Challenge Workout Format

This format is perfect for all levels of fitness and any level of RBT experience. I recommend retesting no more than once every two weeks.

In this video I cover:

  • A general overview of how this challenge works
  • How to set your reps relative to your fitness level and band training experience
  • How to choose the right exercises to fit your goals
  • What to track and how to do so

To help you get started I have put 4 Simple Rep Challenge Workouts into the workout area of the band gym under Challenge Workouts.

AMRAP RBT Challenge Workout Format

This format will require a little more planning but it also can be a more versatile challenge workout. The key to an AMRAP Challenge is making sure exercises are seamless so you can flow from one exercise to the next. RBT is perfect for this because:

  1. A Variable Resistance allows you to quick adapt the starting band resistance to optimally load multiple exercises using the same band setup.
  2. Attached band training allows strength and locomotion exercises to be used.
  3. RBT can easily be combined with body weight which increases the volume of your exercise options.

Let’s go through how to set up AMRAP RBT Challenge Workouts.

To help you get started I have put together 4 AMRAP RBT Challenge Workouts you can start using. These are local into the workout area of the band gym under Challenge Workouts.