Total Body Stack Finisher Workout

Total Body Stack Finisher Workout

 Band Setup –  Attachment Free Setup and Mini-Band Setup with a Towel and Stool or Chair 

Workout Details

Starting with Exercise 1, Perform 15-seconds of work followed by a short 5-sec rest. This is 1 Set.  Repeat this sequence for 8 total sets doing the same exercise.  That will complete 1 round.  Rest 1 minute as you get setup for the next exercise.  Than repeat that same  workout sequence using the next exercise.   Goal is to complete all 10 exercises for a total body metabolic workout.

Progressions or Regressions

      • Scale band resistance
      • Adjust total number of work sets per round
      • Adjust rest between rounds
      • Adjust total number of rounds completed


    1. Side Step Mt Climber
    2. Drop Step Pull a Part 
    3. Stepping Chest Press
    4. 13” Band Drop Squat Reach
    5. Resisted Elevated Mt Climber High Knee
    6. Bentover Row – Deadlift (Palms Forward)
    7. Step and  Press
    8. 13” Band Switch 
    9. Towel Step Curls
    10. Stepping Triceps Press