Day 28

Congratulation You have Reached Day 28 

To Me You Have 3 Options….

I realize RBT is not for everyone.

However, The Band Gym provides fitness minded people, like yourself, a more convenient, ageless, joint friendly exercise approach besides the old traditional gym and weights model which we know doesn’t work long term, especially for those of us 40+.

Also as I noted in the video, to enjoy life to its fullest, it takes having fitness longevity and being able to follow an exercise program that is built on Consistency, Convenience, Continued Education  and Effort.  

The Band Gym provides all of that. Plus as a growing community of like-minded people The Band Gym makes working out fun, convenient and never boring.   As a result it makes fitness longevity sustainable.

Join Today < == I look forward to continuing our Fitness Journey.

See you in The Band Gym.

Coach Dave

Quick Reminder….  Today is the final day of the RBT Challenge, which means RBT Challenge HQ will be closing later today.  As a result you will lose access to all the resources, videos and workout plans unless you Join The Band Gym in which case you will have access to all Challenge resources as well as unlimited workouts, 6 – 28 Day Programs, a 100+ Exercise library, endless resource library and me as you weekly coach.

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