I-Go You-Go Upper Body Metcon

  • Adjust band resistance
  • Add in a rest between cycles
  • Adjust # of cycles completed 
  • Eliminate step action for better control

Workout Details

Using an I-Go You-Go workout format flow through the following 6 exercises doing 30-seconds of work and then resting while partner exercises for 30-seconds.   Complete a 30-minute workout by cycling through this 6 exercise circuit – 5 times taking no rest between cycles.   Resting partner starts immediately upon working partner completing a work set.


    1. Alternating Stepping Chest Press   
    2. Side Step PAP
    3. Step and Overhead Press
    4. Side Step Hammer Curl (Pick up feet to keep band safe)
    5. Step and Triceps Press
    6. Power Lawnmower Row