Get The Band Gym App

How to Upload, Log in and Use The Band Gym App

The Band Gym App is a FREE App that will allow you to view The Band Gym on any mobile device once you are logged in.   Combining the App with the convenience of resistance bands allow you to literally have you entire gym and workouts with you Anytime – Anywhere.

Uploading The Band Gym App onto your phone.

Step 1 –
Search The Band Gym in the App Store or Google Play and upload
to your iPhone or Android.

Step 2 – Once App is uploaded to your phone you can use the same login details
to login to your Band Gym Membership.   (If you need assistance at locating your
Band Gym Login Details, review the welcome email you received upon signing up for
your All Access Band Gym Membership

Step 3 – Once Logged In on your phone, you should be able to view in mobile, all pages
on The Band Gym.  

The Band Gym App is actually a Band Gym Wrap which allows you to easily view the 
website on your mobile device. To avoid having to log in each time you click on the App,
leave App up on your phone by not swiping up and clearing out the App.