What is the difference between layered and molded bands?

Quantum Layered Bands As the name implies, the Quantum Bands are manufactured in layers. Very similar to how a car tire is constructed, this continuous layering process substantially increases band strength, elasticity, durability, and training smoothness. They are also approximately 15 to 20% more expensive to manufacture. However considering layered bands are 300x more durable then their molded counterpart , it easily offsets any retail cost difference. Molded Bands Single-layer molded bands are created by pouring liquid latex into a mold and allowing it to harden. Obviously, this is a much simpler, cheaper and quicker manufacturing process which is reflected in the cost difference when compared to layered bands. However being a single layer, molded bands wear out quickly by rapidly thinning out. A thinner band will lead to unsafe and frequently unexpected breakages. Also because it is difficult to control the chemical consistency of the liquid, molded bands will demonstrate abrupt tension changes during training which can lead to soft tissue injury and pre-mature breakage. To learn more about the Quantum Band Difference == > Click HERE