Q: What is the difference between the RBT Customer Portal and The Band Gym?

The RBT Customer Portal is a free membership storage and information site that is provided to all RBT customers as their “Go-To” customer support and learning center. The Band Gym is Dave’s premium coaching membership site that provides, to those that join, a continually growing inventory of Dave’s top workouts, programs and exercise vault as well as direct access to Dave as your RBT coach and trainer every week.

Q: I am a senior and the exercises look too difficult, how can I make the program fit me?

Resistance bands can easily adapt to any strength level. As a senior, the key is to choose a band resistance you are able to perform the exercise with through a full range of motion if possible. All band exercises can be modified based on joint and strength limitations but the goal is full range of motion if possible. If you struggle with a particular exercises and are unable to determine an effective modification, email Dave for assistance. As a senior or anyone training with bands, you should never have to feel you need to perform an exercise that puts you at risk of injury or increased pain.

Q: I am a women and I don’t want to bulk up or get too muscular, do I need to modify the program?

You will not have to worry about bulking up following Resistance Band Training workouts, unless the program is specifically designed for increasing lean muscle mass. However keep in mind that muscle size requires more than just strength training, nutrition changes will need to be made as well to achieve muscle growth. Therefore it is highly unlikely that you will experience any “bulking up” effect with our training programs assuming you are following a standard diet plan.

Q: What time of the day is best to workout?

The best training time is the time that fits best into your schedule and allows your body to have optimal energy. To answer this question you will have to experiment with different times of the day to determine when you have your best energy.

Q: How many days a week should I workout?  Would I see better results if I workout 7 days a week?

Our recommendation in following most resistance band training programs is to workout 5 days per week with 2 recovery days (1 active and 1 complete rest).  However, some individuals can tolerate more training, which is why we provide you auxiliary workouts to choose from that are outside the normal training program you are following. The key to determining how much recovery your body needs is by monitoring your weekly energy as well as how your joints and muscle feel.

Q: I can’t do some of the exercises in the program, how do I work around that?

Resistance bands provide unlimited modifications and replacement exercise options. In most cases, I show you those in the workout videos. However, that is what I am here for. Just email me your question or modification needs and I will be able to give you an instant option that keeps you healthy and getting better.

Q: I have a medical/physical problem, how do I modify the program?

Injuries and illness are always challenging when it comes to online training support. First off, as your coach I want you to use any medical professionals you already visit to assist you. They know you and can get their eyes on you. To truly evaluate the issues, it requires a live 1 on 1 evaluation, which is why I want you to start with local resources first. You are welcome to let me know what your issues are but in many cases, if an evaluation is needed I will suggest consulting with your local physician or medical personnel. The good news is once solutions and strategies are determined, RBT’s versatility and adaptability will most likely be able to help put action to these strategies.

Q: I am feeling body pain, what should I do?

You will need to determine what is causing the pain first. If it is from a particular exercise, that can be modified or eliminated. If it is not from the actual workouts or exercises, I recommend consulting with your local physician before continuing with the workouts.

Q: What should I do If I can’t complete the work set or # of sets instructed in workout?

Everyone is at a different level of fitness. Therefore you will do your best and complete as much of the workout as possible. The good news is, as you continue to workout, your fitness and strength levels will continue to get better. Just stay persistent and consistent with your training.

Q: How much rest time do I take, also can I modify it making it longer or shorter?

I will provide you rest time recommendations to take between intervals and sets on the printable workout that comes with the workout videos. Ultimately you will dictate what works for you. The goal is to gradually work towards completing the workout as indicated and then move up to the next level of progression when that is provided.

Q: I Don’t have Flat Bands, only Tubes, will that work?

I recommend flat continuously looped layered bands, which the Quantum Band is because they are the most durable and versatile form of elastic resistance. I base this opinion on 20 plus years of training with elastic resistance. Tubular bands will work for some of the exercises, however, over time we highly suggest moving towards using flat continuously looped layered bands similar to the Quantum Bands to achieve your best results.

Q: How do I choose the correct resistance band to workout with?

This is an important question, due to the wide variance of individual strength levels. Fortunately, a 41 Inch standard size Quantum Band provides a resistance variance of at least 30 lbs regardless which band you choose. For example a black medium band will create a resistance between 30 to 60 lbs depending on the starting tension and end of movement tension. Comparing this to a constant free weight resistance that has only 1 resistance level it provides you multiple levels of resistance adaptability in a single band. That said, we still recommend purchasing at least 2 or 3 different levels of band resistance . The good news is 3 or 4 – 41 inch bands cost a whole lot less and take up minimal space when compared to purchasing a dozen pairs of dumbbells of various weights.

Q: What if I am allergic to latex?

Obviously, latex intolerant individuals may not be able to use Quantum Bands which are made of 100% latex. All raw latex is washed before it is used to manufacture any of our Quantum bands. This is done to eliminate 95% of the chemicals that lead to latex intolerance reactions. That’s said if you know you are latex intolerant and still wish to test out training with our Quantum band, we recommend after contacting your physician to proceed with caution by first placing the bands in a room that you will be in to see if there is a reaction. If no reaction occurs we recommend using gloves, a long sleeve shirt and some form of sweat pant or legging the first time you train with bands to decrease skin contact. If you find that you do have a reaction, we will gladly have you send back the bands and refund your money.

Q: How do I return my Quantum Bands if I find they are not what I want?

All bands and accessories should be shipped back to the following address:

Resistance Band Training Systems
W161 N11115 Meadow Dr
Germantown, WI. 53022

Please provide a brief note on why the products are being returned. You can also email us that you will be making a return and why.

Once items are received we will provide a refund to your account minus a small $10 restocking fee unless the return is a result of a manufacturing issue or a fulfillment mistake.

Q: How do I attach my bands to Band Utility Strap?

Q: How do I attach my Handles to the Bands?

Q: What should I do if a Quantum Band breaks?

Go to our Contact Page to email us. Please provide a detailed description and/or a picture of the damaged band so we can determine if there was a manufacturing issue. We will follow up with you within 24 hours to determine next steps that need to be taken.

Q: When should I replace my bands?

We recommend inspecting your bands frequently for any small tears or excessive wear. If a band demonstrates a horizontal tear of more than 1/8th inch we recommend replacing that band as soon as possible. Anything more than 1/4 inch or more we recommend not training with that band anymore and getting a replacement.

Q: What is the best way to clean, store and transport my bands?

Q: How does the Seconds Pro App work?

Q: Can I download videos and manuals to my computer?

Yes all videos and written content are available for you to download. Under each video there should be a download link. Click that link to start the download process. The file will either directly download or load onto a new page depending on what browser you’re are using. If it loads onto a new page right click and select save video or manual as to download to your computer.