5 – Minute Shoulder Distraction Mobility Routine


Band Set Up: 
Single Attached Band  Setup using long single 41″ band or doubled-over single 41″ Band


Keys to Success
1 –  Relax while letting the band gradually distract your shoulder joint
2 –  Keep band distraction tension low to allow you to learn the movements and allow the shoulder to feel the distraction
3 –  Always move body on arm during distraction portion of the routine.  To do this you will position your body in different planes relative to the band attachment.
4 – Intensity of stretch should be a 3 out 10 
5 – Feel free to break up routine into specific exercises if needed

Program Design

Here is a 5-Minute Shoulder Distraction Mobility Routine to prepare your upper body and specifically your shoulder for any upper body strength workout.  Follow along with Dave as he takes you through the routine.  This routine typically takes 3 to 5 attempts to begin feeling the impact.

 Follow Along Coaching Video