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Individual FaceTime Coaching, Training and Consulting for Band Gym Members

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If you're a Band Gym Member and RBT enthusiast looking for additional 1 on 1 direct coaching from Dave, this program may be exactly what you're looking for. This Individual Facetime Coaching,Training & Consultation program can take on many different formats including:

  • A live movement or exercise assessment
  • Injury intervention and physical therapy consult
  • The creation of a customized workout plan
  • More discussion-based that provides support, accountability or problem solving

Are you a fitness pro?

Dave is also willing to provide brand & business consultations for Fitness Pros wanting to get RBT more involved in their online or off-line training business.

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per session via FaceTime

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Each session will last approximately 45-60 minutes. Clients that go with the 3 session package will also be provided unlimited email follow-up, a weekly SMS check message and off-call program development depending on individual goals.

Buying a pack of sessions not only saves you money but it's more conducive to periodized program design as Dave gets to know you and your body better!

"Best and most important of all, there has been the 'Dave factor.' Having a genuine human to answer my questions has been invaluable."


Your latest email on Peloton was one of your best. I hope you do more articles like this one: Real talk, no-holds-barred. Too many in the so-called fitness industry prey on people who have the best of intentions. It’s easy to fall for one-size-fits all “workout at home” pitches. People want to get started but are intimidated by their lack of knowledge and experience. I know because I was once one of them.

RBT and the Band Gym have been the exact opposite of the typical one-size-fits all “workout at home.” It has helped me learn to develop workouts tailored to my own needs. Those workouts have complimented my maximum intensity weight training sessions, helped me recover from surgery, and increased my enjoyment of fitness. They’ve given me the freedom and joy to work out on playgrounds, beaches, and all over the great outdoors. And they’ve liberated me from depending on mediocre hotel gyms, many of which are still closed or in disrepair “because Covid.”

Best and most important of all, there has been the “Dave factor.” Having a genuine human to answer my questions has been invaluable. You clearly have no agenda other than sharing the joy of getting better with bands. Sincerity cannot be faked or marketed. Even though I’ve never met you, I consider you a trusted coach who wants nothing but the best for me. I may just have to add traveling to Wisconsin and working out with you on a playground to my bucket list!

Michael H.
Band Gym Member Consult

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